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Project Monitoring & Construction Cost Consulting

Project Monitoring & Construction Cost Consulting:

We provide a wide variety of services for financial institutions in the field of project monitoring. In addition, we offer the same services of third party monitoring and consulting for various partnerships and co-tenancy agreements. A brief outline of our project monitoring and cost consulting services is as follows:

  1. Review all documentation required in preparation of the preliminary report.
  2. Review the borrower's construction schedule.
  3. Review the proposed budget and cash flow projections.
  4. Review all change orders to ensure the adequacy of the scope and cost of such change.
  5. Review insurance certificates.
  6. Prepare initial report (the "Preliminary Report") to the client on:
    1. The project budget as revised in response to the project monitor's recommendations.
    2. The construction time schedule and projected cash flow, each as revised in response to the project monitor's recommendations.
    3. Recommendations on such other matters as may have become evident during discussions with the borrower, the architects, engineers (and other consultants) involved in the project, or which may have become evident during the course of our review and inquiries.
  7. During construction of the project submit monthly status reports to the lender incorporating the following:
    1. A report showing the cost of work completed to date, the amount of holdbacks for contracts, the value of any change orders and the current estimate of the cost to complete the project.
    2. Identification of apparent or identified potential problem areas relating to the project which might affect its completion within the project budget and the project construction schedule, along with recommendations for budget and schedule revisions.
    3. Confirmation from the project consultants that construction is being performed in accordance with the plans and specifications.