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Streetcar Developments -

Location: Toronto
Project Size: 319 Units
Project Duration: In Planning and Development
Project Cost: $95,000,000

Today’s most prolific builder, Streetcar Developments is undertaking the most ambitious community to ever grace Toronto’s lower eastside. With numerous successful projects under their belt including Queen City Vinegar Co. Lofts in Corktown, Edge Lofts and Riverside Lofts in neighbouring Riverside District, their latest development of Corktown District redefines today’s modern interpretation of warehouse loft living.

Streetcar is a fresh, energetic firm committed to stimulating the resurgence of Toronto’s communities and focusing on the city’s rich history, intriguing architecture and amazing waterfront renewal. Their vision extends into the future by building communities that are revered and used as models within the industry. Their approach to design is based on integrity, superior quality and developing unique loft experiences.