Company Experience

Davvid 0'Keefe President

Davvid O'Keefe, MRICS, PQS, PLE

Since 1998, and the inception of O'Keefe and Associates Limited, Davvid has managed the growth of the company. In a short period of time, and with an active marketing campaign and continuous meetings with Developers, Builders and Lenders, Davvid has brought to the industry, the knowledge and awareness of the company's value added services. This awareness to the industry has provided substantial growth in the level of services provided and employment opportunities with the company.

Davvid O'Keefe has earned a solid reputation in the development / building and lending industry, with over 24 years of experience of cost planning, project monitoring and expert witness work. Davvid is one of the industry's top experts in land developments and condominium developments, as well as one of the most recognized cost consultants for commercial retail developments during the last major building cycle. In addition, Davvid is an expert in receiverships and workouts for all types of projects.